USA: Trump encourages supporters to vote twice in election, sparking fraud fears

US President Donald Trump called on his supporters to vote twice in the November election to ensure their ballot is counted, once by mail and once in person, during a speech at his campaign rally in Latrobe, Pennsylvania on Thursday. Trump called the mail-in ballots a «disgrace,» before telling his supporters, «Sign your mail-in ballot. Ok. You sign it and send it in and then you have to follow it. And if on election day or early voting that is not tabulated and counted, you go vote.» «You have to make sure your vote counts because the only way they are going to be able to beat us is by doing that kind of stuff,» he added. Voting more than once in an election is illegal. The US president also touched upon the pandemic, saying that the country is «way ahead of schedule» in developing a vaccine under Operation Warp Speed. He added that it might be delivered before the end of October. Trump also slammed US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for visiting a hair salon amid pandemic shutdowns. «She shouldn't be leading the house of representatives. I want the salon owner to lead the house of representatives,» he said.


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