USA: Trump doubles down on steel barrier, «it's a national emergency»

US President Donald Trump told the press the contentious border wall with Mexico would be a steel barrier as he labelled the issue «a national emergency,» on Sunday, from the White House lawn. Following shutdown talks in which democrats say no progress was made, the president told the press the wall would be a steel barrier. «They don't like concrete, so we'll give them steel,» he added. Trump... Еще in declaring the issue a national emergency may find authority to act unilaterally, circumventing congress. Despite labelling it as such, the president continues to move through official channels in attempts to find funding for the border wall. Trump further stated that government workers would «make an adjustment because they want to see the border taken care of.» Since December 22, 800,000 government workers have been furloughed or have been working without pay due to the government shutdown. Unions say Transport Security Administration (TSA) agents, which are considered essential and are required to continue working, can no longer afford to do so without pay.

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