USA: Trump comments on Hong Kong protests, US-China trade negotiations

US president Donald Trump commented on the ongoing protests in Hong Kong during a joint press conference with visiting Polish President Andrzej Duda in Washington DC on Wednesday. “When you look at this demonstration, they said it was a million people, and that was a million people. That was as big a demonstration as I’ve ever seen. So, I hope it all works out for China and for Hong Kong,» said... Еще the US president. Trump also said he expects to meet Chinese president Xi Jinping to settle trade disputes between the two countries. «We had a deal done. Almost, I would say all of the tough points were negotiated. They were negotiated and they were agreed to and everything was finished and then China told us they can't agree to things that they already agreed on. All right. And that's OK. So I said ‘That's OK we're going to put tariffs on 25% on 250 billion dollars.’ Now we have another 325 billion dollars left. And if we don't make a deal we're going to put a tariff on that too,» Trump said. Trump also commented on the economic situation in Poland, saying “they’ve probably never done better economically. They're like us. The U.S. has never done better economically than we're doing right now.”

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