USA: Trump blasts Russia, Iran actions in Syria ‘disgrace'

US President Donald Trump branded Russia and Iran’s actions in Syria a “humanitarian disgrace” while answering questions at the White House on Friday alongside Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. «What Russia, and what Iran, and what Syria have done recently is a humanitarian disgrace, I will tell you that,» Trump said when asked about the joint effort with Australia to ensure civilians... Еще protection in eastern Ghouta. Having announced a new round of harsh sanctions on North Korea, Trump also discussed the possibility of even harsher actions saying, «If the sanctions don't work, we'll have to go phase two and phase two may be a very rough thing, maybe very very unfortunate for the world.» Trump also left the decision of whether or not his son-in-law will keep his interim security clearance up to his chief of staff General Kelly saying, «General Kelly respects Jarred [Kushner] a lot and General Kelly will make that call, I won't make that call.» Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refrained on making any suggestions to the US on its gun issues in light of Florida mass shooting saying, «You have an amendment in your constitution which deals with gun ownership. You have a very very different history and I, we focus on our own political arguments and debates and we wish you wise deliberation in your own.»

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