USA: Trump backs up excellent first statement following Charlottesville attack

US President Donald Trump defended his initial statement following Charlottesville attack, speaking to reporters from New York's Trump Tower, Tuesday. Trump stated that his first statement was a «fine' and «beautiful» statement, insisting that he required the facts before he rushed into making a statement, «unlike a lot of reporters.» Asked whether he believed the attack was act of terrorism... Еще, the US President responded, «There is a question is it murder is it terrorism and then you get into legal semantics, the driver of the car is a murderer and what he did was a horrible, horrible inexcusable thing.» Trump's elaboration comes days after he was heavily criticised for not directly and specifically condemning white supremacist groups for the unrest. Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were among those to call on the president to be more specific in his condemnation. The White House issued a clarification saying Trump's criticism was meant to include neo-Nazi groups and the Ku Klux Klan.
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