USA: Trump applauded for killing Soleimani at Evangelical Megachurch in Miami

US President Donald Trump spoke about the killing of Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani during a Christian 'Evangelicals for Trump' rally at the King Jesus Ministry Megachurch in Miami, Florida, on Friday. «Last night at my direction, the United States military executed a flawless strike that terminated the terrorist ring-leader responsible for gravely wounding and murdering thousands and... Еще thousands of people and hundreds and hundreds, at least, of Americans,» stated Trump. «Qasem Soleimani has been killed and his bloody rampage is now forever gone. He was plotting attacks against Americans but now we've ensured that his atrocities have been stopped for good, they are stopped for good,» Trump added. The US President continued, claiming that Soleimani «was planning a very major attack and we got him,» adding that «as president I will never hesitate to defend the safety of the American people, you. So let this be a warning to terrorists, if you value your own life, you will not threaten the lives of our citizens.» General Qasem Soleimani was killed in an airstrike at Baghdad's international airport in the early hours of Friday morning, alongside Jamal Jafaar Mohammed Ali Ebrahimi, the leader of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

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