USA: Trump announces 'most massive' tax cut in first major victory

US President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans celebrated their first major legislative victory after passing a rewrite of the nation's tax code in Washington DC on Wednesday. «We broke every record. It is the largest, I always say 'the most massive,' but it’s the largest tax cut in the history of our country and it’s really something special,» said Trump. The House of Representatives... Еще approved a $1.5 trillion (€1.26 trillion) tax bill, which would include permanent tax breaks for corporations, new breaks for private businesses and temporary tax cuts for individuals. The legislation will entail some of the most substantial changes to the US tax code since 1986. «We are going to bring at least four trillion dollars (3.4 trillion euros) back into this country,” noted Trump in his statement, «And ultimately what does that mean, it means jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs. So it's going to be a really very special period of time.» US President also seized the occasion to thank Republican lawmaker Steve Scalise, who was shot during baseball game in June by saying «he had a rougher year than most of us. That's a hell of a way to lose weight, Steve.»


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