USA: Trump accuses Democrats of wanting criminals and ‘kidnappers’ in the US

US President Donald Trump commented on his proposed border wall on the US border with Mexico while meeting with a group of sheriffs, reportedly hailing from Texas and Arizona, at the White House in Washington DC on Monday, right before leaving for a campaign rally in El Paso. Trump said that they have already started building «a much better wall, much stronger wall and a much less expensive wall... Еще,» and then blasted Democrats for allowing «criminals into our society.» «These are people that kidnap people. The Democrats want them to come into our society,» Trump said. «It doesn't work without the wall,» Trump went on to say, adding: «we can call it anything, we'll call it barriers, we'll call it whatever they want. But now it turns out, not only don't they want to give us the money for the wall, they don't want to give us the space to detain murderers, criminals, drug dealers, human smugglers. How bad is that?» Trump's comments come after Republican and Democratic negotiators met on Monday in an effort to avert another government shutdown.

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