USA: 'Troops will not stop anybody' — Citizens comment on Trump's border decision

Mexican citizens using the San Diego–Tijuana border crossing commented on US President Donald Trump’s decision to deploy the National Guard to bolster protection around US-Mexico border in the San Diego side of the border, Thursday. «The wall will not stop anyone and the troops will not stop anybody. On the contrary, they will find more ways to enter, nothing will happen and everything will... Еще still be the same,» a Mexican citizen said. Trump officially signed a memorandum to deploy the National Guard to the southwest border on Wednesday, but key details around troop numbers and cost have not been revealed. Despite the signature of the memo, key details of the operation are still unknown, including costs, duration of the mission and number of personnel deployed. Towers of cameras and Border Patrol officers survey most of the 3,000 km (2,000 miles) border.

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