USA: 'Trends are undermining democracy' — UN Special Rapporteur on poverty

The UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights Philip Alston shared the results of his poverty research across the US during a press conference held on Friday in Washington DC. “I believe that current trends in the US are actually undermining the democracy,” said Alston. He continued by saying that the voter turnouts in the US are the lowest than in any developed country. “We... Еще see overt efforts to disenfranchise people, anyone who has been in prison, people, who still have court debt and so on are deprived of the vote and that is a massive number of people in the world's greatest incarcerator,” added Alston. Mr. Alston noted that the poverty in the US has many faces as it exists not only among black or Hispanic groups of people but also white, Asian and many others. The Special Rapporteur also expressed his fear that the proposed tax reform by the Republicans if adopted could be “the single most dramatic increase in inequality that could be imagined.”

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