USA: Transgender Trump supporter vows to return to Berkeley after last weekend’s violent rally

Transgender Donald Trump supporter Amber Gwen Cummings vowed to return to Berkeley this weekend for a solo event, in a press conference in Antioch, California, on Wednesday, in the wake of a right-wing rally which saw clashes between pro- and anti-Trump supporters. Cummings organised the original «No to Marxism in America» rally in Berkeley which was denied a permit by the city council over... Еще fears of violence. However another right-wing peaceful process took place last Sunday in Berkeley, which turned violent when Antifa activists dressed in black clashed with the Trump supporters. Cummings refused to stand down to what she described as the «Marxist thugs,» and says she will return to Berkeley this weekend to give a solo speech which will be broadcast on Facebook. «I will keep coming back to Berkeley until we are safe to speak in Berkeley, safe to speak free speech in Berkeley without the thought of violence happening to us, or the actual instigation of violence happening to us,» she said.
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