USA: Training Day — New Jersey police hold public training session for mass shootings

Gloucester police department held a special training session for local residents in case of a possible mass shooting, at the Bethel Baptist Church in Gloucester Township, New Jersey, on Monday. Detectives and police officers demonstrated how to use church equipment in case of the attack, has well as how to behave and hide in an emergency situation, as well as provide first aid to the injured... Еще. «Don't make any quick movements towards the officer and prepare to have weapons pointed at you. We're coming again to this horrific event, our guns are going to be out,» said detective Ernest Basile, adding that the police officers «can't go into rescue mode until the shooting has stopped.» The detective explained that «we can't spend time with a bleeding victim if the shooter is still going off killing innocent people, we have to bypass those innocent victims.»

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