USA: Tommy Robinson video-link event disrupted by protesters

SOT, Mikey Franklin, British-American activist: «You put our safety into jeopardy, by inviting far-right leaders to come to the US House of Representatives.» SOT, Paul Gosar, Arizona Republican Congressman: «Please, remove this gentleman.» SOT, Mikey Franklin, British-American activist: «Shame on you! Shame on you, congressman. Shame on you for your racism. Shame on you for inviting violent... Еще far-right leaders. Tommy Robinson has convictions for violent crime. Is that what you want Representative?» Three protesters disrupted UK far-right activists Tommy Robinson's appearance via videolink at an event called 'Censoring Public Discussion of Islam' in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. The event organised by conservative think tank Middle East Forum and hosted by Republican Representative Paul Gosar, who was recently re-elected in Arizona. In the middle of the speech, as Gosar was condemning police for focusing «on so-called offensive speech,» one of the members of the audience stood up and confronted the congressman. The man shouted «shame on you» and accused the audience and the hosts for «supporting racist hatred.» Later the activist was joined by two other female protesters. Capitol Police were promptly called and escorted the protesters out of the room. Robinson was forced to address the audience via Skype after reportedly being denied a US visa. Fifty-five British lawmakers from both major political parties recently wrote to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requesting that the government ban Robinson from visiting.

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