USA: 'They are the best friends of the criminal' — Trump condemns sanctuary cities

US President Donald Trump criticised sanctuary cities as a source of instability and danger, speaking from a press conference following an inspection of prototypes for his promised Mexican border wall, in San Diego on Tuesday. «California's sanctuary policy puts the entire nation at risk. They are the best friends of the criminal, that's what exactly is happening and the criminals take refuge... Еще in the sanctuary cities and it's very dangerous for our police and our enforcement folks,» said Trump, promising to put an end to this situation. «These policies release dangerous criminal offenders to prey on innocent people and nullify the federal law, they are threatening the security and the safety of the people of our country,» he added. Sanctuary cities is a definition for those cities that limit their cooperation with the national government to enforce immigration law, with the idea to reduce fear of deportation and family break-up among people who are in the country illegally. In in October 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown made history by declaring California the first official 'sanctuary state'.

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