USA: 'The way it's supposed to work' — Trump describes thankful Putin call

United States President Donald Trump described a thankful phone call from Russian President Vladimir Putin during a White House press conference on Monday, where US intelligence helped Russia to apprehend suspected terrorists. «I received a call from President Putin of Russia thanking our country for the intelligence that our CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] was able to provide them... Еще, concerning a major terrorist attack planned in St. Petersburg. Where many people — perhaps in the thousands — could have been killed. They were able to apprehend these terrorists before the event, with no loss of life,» said the US President. While Trump was pleased to 'seek such opportunities of cooperation', the President was quick to point out that Russia and China remain rival threats to the US. «We also face rival powers — Russia and China — that seek to challenge our American influence, values and wealth. We will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries — but in a manner that always protects our national interest,» stated Trump. Trump's press conference also outlined a 'four-pillar-plan' for US National Security, focusing on limiting immigration, new tax benefits, homeland security, and military defence expansion among US prosperity as a whole.

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