USA: 'The plan is to get out of endless wars' — Trump on withdrawal from Syria

US President Donald Trump discussed the situation in Syria and a number of other topics during a press conference alongside Italian President Sergio Mattarella at the White House in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday. «The plan is to get out of endless wars, to bring our soldiers back home, to not be policing agents all over the world,» he said, adding “we're in 90 countries all over the world... Еще policing. And frankly, many of those countries, they don't respect what we're doing. They don't even like what we're doing. And they don't like us.» Trump also said that “Syria is either negotiating with or talking to Turkey. We're also talking to Turkey. We put massive sanctions on Turkey. Sanctions work, frankly, better than fighting.» The US president then confirmed the US would be sending troops and missiles to Saudi Arabia, adding that “they've agreed to pay for the cost of those troops, they've agreed to pay fully for the cost of everything we’re doing over there.” Turkey's military offensive dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring' began on October 9, days after the White House announced a withdrawal of US troops. Ankara says the aim of the offensive is to create a 'safe zone' cleared of Kurdish groups.


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