USA: The 'monster' doesn't represent our faith — CAIR Florida leader on NY terror suspect

Residents of an apartment complex in Tampa, Florida, are shocked after finding out that New York terrorist suspect Sayfullo Saipov used to live next door. «I couldn’t imagine that someone close by is a terrorist», said one of Saipov’s neighbours, adding that real Muslima «cannot hurt anybody, cannot harm anybody, cannot even insult anybody.» Hassan Shibly, the executive director of the... Еще Florida Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Tampa, said that he was «horrified to learn that the monster who committed the horrific attack in New York City happened to have a Tampa connection.» He also stressed that Saipov «doesn’t represent our city of Tempa, he doesn’t represent our faith, he doesn’t represent anything but his own deranged self.»

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