USA: Texas village struggles with lack of water supply

Residents of the small village Sandbranch, Texas, have been struggling with a lack of water supply in houses for the last 30 years, footage filmed on Saturday reveals. The pastor at the local Mount Zion Baptist church, Eugene Keahey, launched an initiative to provide bottled water to the area, which helps his fellow villagers to cope with the situation. The bottled water is used for drinking and... Еще sanitation purposes. «This year alone, we have just half a million of gallons of water for the community and we only gave it out to the community, people living in the community,» said Keahey. Sandbranch, which was established by a group of former slaves in 1878, has never been supplied with running water in its 138 years of existence. Well water used to be drunk by the local residents up until the 1980s. After this time, contamination rendered the well water unfit for consumption.

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