USA: Texas shooting suspect sustained self-inflicted gunshot wound — DPS commander

Commander Freeman Martin of the Texas Department of Public Safety spoke to the press at Sutherland Springs, in the early hours of Monday, following an attack the town's First Baptist church the previous day. The shooter, Devin Patrick Kelley, who is suspected of killing 26 people in the Texas church, reportedly suffered three gunshot wounds — one of which was self-inflicted. Martin said, «Two... Еще gunshot wounds were from the armed citizen. One of those was in the leg and the other one was in the torso. And he had a third gunshot wound which the medical examiner described as being consisten with being self-inflicted.» Following a revelation that the shooting suspect's mother-in-law, with whom he had fueded, attended First Baptist church, Martin said, «There are many ways that he could have taken care of the mother in law without coming with fifteen loaded magazines and an assault rifle to a church. I think he came here with a purpose and a mission.» Meanwhile, an FBI spokesperson explained that Kelley had passed the FBI mandated background checks to acquire the firearms believed to be used in the attack. He said, «I can tell you that for the four purchases that he made, the NICS system did their required checks and there was no prohibitive information in the systems that we check that say that he could not have purchased that firearm.»

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