USA: Texans pay their respects to late George H.W. Bush at Houston memorial

Bush Mourners arrived at the bronze statue of President George H.W. Bush in Houston on Sunday to pay their respects to the 41st President of the United States who died at his home in the largest city in Texas on Friday. People brought flowers and candles to the 8-foot-tall (2.4 meters) statue of the former president looking out into the distance with his hand in his pocket. The monument was... Еще unveiled in 2004 at the Houston airport. Another memorial was set up outside the Houston home of the former president, with a draped US flag and flowers decorating the gated fence surrounding the neighborhood. «Bush family has just been around for years, since even before the war started and World War II, you know. What you see right now, what Houston is now — they made Houston. They knew what Houston is about,» said one of the residents. «We are from West Texas. But being a Texan, I'm very proud of the Bush legacy that they have left us,» said another mourner, adding that she wanted «to honour this great man and this beautiful city and what he means to them.» George H.W. Bush succeeded Ronald Reagan to become the 41st US President in 1988 after beating his Democratic opponent Michael Dukakis, overseeing pivotal historic moments during his four-year-tenure such as the collapse of the Soviet Bloc and the fall of the Berlin Wall. He died at age 94 following a steady decline in his health.

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