USA: Tear gas and arrests as tensions escalate between protesters and feds in Portland

Federal agents arrested several protesters outside the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse in Portland, while dispersing crowds on the night from Sunday to Monday. The unrest over the past weeks has led to violent clashes between demonstrators and federal officers sent to combat crowds. Smoke was also seen billowing from fireworks thrown by the protesters and the tear gas that law enforcement forces used against them. While the protests have been ongoing since the death of George Floyd in May, federal agents have used tear gas to disperse demonstrators and have been accused of unlawfully detaining individuals involved in the movement, causing tensions to escalate in recent days. Protesters have resorted to throwing fireworks at officers standing guard outside federal buildings, where barriers have been erected, and both officers and protesters have reported numerous injuries from the clashes. Dozens of more officers are allegedly being deployed to the city to further contain the protests, which have been declared a “riot” by local police that have begun collaborating with the agents in making arrests.

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