USA: Students walkout to protest gun violence on 19th anniversary of Columbine

SOT, Nick, Freshman student at Washington D.C. school: «It has, there have been scares but nothing changes and that is too bad. Because after all these shootings, after all these deaths you think something would change. And that’s why we keep coming out because something has to happen. This can't continue.» Hundreds of high school students walked out of their classrooms on the 19th anniversary... Еще of the Columbine shooting to demand tougher gun laws in Washington DC, Friday. Crowd gathered outside the White House where they held a 19 minutes silent sit-in to protest gun violence. The rally then continued by the US capitol where students heard from the Columbine shooting survivor Salli Garrigan. «Being here today and telling my story and advocating for change doesn’t come easily. In the months after Columbine I felt that raising my voice and share my opinion wasn't necessary, this is something that I thought the grownups would fix,» she said. The Columbine High School massacre is one of the most notorious school shooting that happened in the USA. In 1999 students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 12 student and one teacher before killing themselves.

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