USA: Students protesting Ben Shapiro's Utah college speech face counter-protesters

Crowd responding *UPSOUND* (English): «Stand up, fight back.» Protester speaking to crowd *UPSOUND* (English): «Stand up, fight back.» Crowd chanting *UPSOUND* (English): «Stand up, fight back.» Hundreds of University of Utah students protesting against a visit by former Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro were met by a large group of counter-protesters, in Salt Lake City, Wednesday... Еще. Marching through the university campus under the slogan of «The people united will never be defeated» and «Dare to struggle, dare to win,» protesters held public speeches voicing their opposition to Shapiro's speech and his message. A protester said: «It's not Ben Shapiro's right to say whatever he wants to a microphone at a school. He can say whatever he wants on his website and on his blog, but we don't have to pay for him to come here.» Counter-protesters responded to the rally, picketing the demonstrating group with placards reading «Protect free speech» and «Hate speech [not equal] speech you don't agree with.» One of them stated: «I think it's really tough that students are protesting and want to shut down his freedom of speech. I think he can say what he wants, I think that we can say what we want and they can say what they want. And that's how a a healthy dialogue starts.»

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