USA: Students protest as DeVos gives commencement speech

University of Baltimore students and teachers protested outside the Lyric Art Center On Monday as the US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was about to give speech. Secretary DeVos was invited by the leaders of the University of Baltimore to deliver the fall commencement keynote address. «I am not inside because I felt to be sitting on stage two feet from her would be a mark of complicity... Еще on my part and I feel there is much of that right now in our country with everything going on, its Roy Moore and the republican party supporting him, a pedophile I did not want to be complicit. so thats why I am outside,» said University Proffesor Kendra Kopelke. Protesters held placards and chanted anti-DeVos slogans during her speech over her controversial views on education. Prior to the event more than 3,200 people signed a petition saying they did not want DeVos to be a commencement speaker.

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