USA: 'She's hanging in there' — Russian diplomats visit alleged Russian foreign agent Butina

SOT, Russian diplomat, (Russian): «Yes, of course, she sent greetings to her parents and to everyone who supports her.» SOT, Reporter, (Russian): «And did the parents contact you?» SOT, Russian diplomat, (Russian): «Yes, we are in contact with the parents, of course.» SOT, Reporter, (Russian): «Are they planning to arrive here in the USA?» SOT, Russian diplomat, (Russian): «No comment on... Еще this for now.» SOT, Reporter, (Russian): «Are there going to be any difficulties with visas?» SOT, Russian diplomat, (Russian): «Yes, we have now huge visa difficulties with the USA, it's objectively difficult. The queue is very big for the interview and the waiting period is very big and it's a huge problem.» SOT, Russian diplomat (Russian): «She is hanging in there!» SOT, Russian diplomat (Russian): «We will specify everything» Representatives of the Russian Embassy in the United States arrived to visit alleged Russian foreign agent Maria Butina at a detention facility in Washington DC, on Thursday. One diplomat gave comments ahead of talking to Butina saying that «she's hanging in there» adding that they are in contact with her parents, though not specifying if and when the parents are going to arrive in the US.

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