USA: Senate spares Pompeo's blushes with slight Sec of State approval

Mike Pompeo, the incumbent nominee for US Secretary of State, was narrowly cleared by the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations in Washington DC on Monday, as he avoided a negative recommendation in an 11:9 vote. It had initially seemed like Pompeo would be the first ever Secretary of State to not be given a positive recommendation. However, Republican Senator Rand Paul switched his decision and... Еще decided to vote in Pompeo's favour. Still, the Committee was one vote short due to the absence of Republican Senator Johnny Isakson. Rather than wait for Isakson to return from his friend's eulogy, Democratic Senator Chris Coons switched his vote. Although Isakson voted yes by proxy, a Senator must be physically present to cast the deciding vote. So Coons switched his vote to avoid the 10:10 impasse. «I am recorded as voting against Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State but I'll vote present to allow him to move forward now without us having to vote at 11 o'clock at night,» said Coons, explaining his motive.

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