USA: Sen. Dick Black says US media's «anti-Russian narrative» is «out of sync» with Trump

Dick Black, a Republican member of the Virginia State Senate, claimed that the US media's portrayal of Russia does not match the ambitions of US President Donald Trump when speaking from Ashburn, VA, on Thursday. Black said that the media spoke with «one voice» untied against both Russia and Trump, while also hitting out at its apparent obsession with alleged Russian involvement in the US... Еще election. «The information starts at the top and it flows down throughout the media and so essentially you have a unified media that speaks with one voice, that voice continues to promote this anti-Russian narrative, which is completely out of sync with the direction that President Trump would like to take us», Black said. «A very prominent, respected legal society in Washington DC did an extensive study of everything that has come out about Russian involvement in the elections and they said there is not one shred of evidence to support all of these hysterical claims being made,» Senator Black concluded.
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