USA: Scientists develop wearable device monitoring COVID-19 symptoms

Biomedical engineers at Northwestern University and the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab have created a wearable sensor tracking the most common coronavirus symptoms, as filmed in Evanston, Illinois on Thursday. The waterproof device is placed below the suprasternal notch and collects information about a person's respiratory activity and fever development, which are recorded and wirelessly transmitted to... Еще the cloud so physicians can detect and treat the symptoms. «This device is monitoring respiratory rate, coughing events, and there is also a temperature sensor as well so we can monitor the early sign of the development of a fever because many patients who are released from the hospital are doing really well but they deteriorate when they go home,» said Northwestern University Professor John Rogers. «And these kinds of characteristics aren't currently monitored even in a hospital, there's nobody counting coughs or measuring respiratory sounds,» he added. Rogers said that they have gathered more than 2,500 hours or 1TB of information from the 25 devices already being used by health workers and patients at the Northwestern Hospital ICU and the Shirley Ryan Ability lab. A team of developers are working with the data to build algorithms to better identify early symptoms and characteristics of COVID-19.

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