USA: Schiff implores 'fair trial' as impeachment case wraps

US Representative and lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff wrapped up the marathon impeachment hearing for the US President Donald Trump as he implored the Republicans to give the nation «a fair trial» in Washington DC on Friday. «This is no parking ticket we are contesting, no shoplifting case we are prosecuting. It is a matter of high crimes and misdemeanours,» stressed the Democrat after... Еще three days of breathless impeachment hearings. «I implore you. Give America a fair trial. Give America a fair trial. She is worth it,» concluded Schiff. The last day of the hearings mostly focused on the White House’s alleged efforts to cover up Trump’s tracks by limiting access to records and blocking the whistleblower’s complaint. It is widely expected that Trump will not be impeached, given that the required super-majority would need several votes from Republicans. Mandatory credit: US Senate Mandatory credit: US Senate


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