USA: Saudi-led coalition taking steps to reduce harm to civilians — State Dept.

Spokesperson for the United States Department of State Heather Nauert commented on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's recent certification to Congress that the Saudi-led coalition were implementing measures to protect civilians in Yemen, while speaking at a press briefing in Washington DC on Thursday. «The secretary, in line with 1290, section 1290 of the NDAA, certified that Saudi Arabia and the... Еще UAE are supporting diplomatic efforts to end the civil war there,» Nauert said, and added «we see them taking steps. Is it perfect? No, absolutely not. Do we see them doing what they can to mitigate civilian casualties? Absolutely we do. That is something that the US government takes very seriously.» Nauert also spoke about the administration’s new view on Iran and its actions in the Middle East, saying «This administration no longer looks at the Iranian government just through the narrow scope of the JCPOA, the nuclear deal. We look at the totality of Iran's bad actions around the world in fomenting terror and causing so much misery around the globe, including misery in their own country.»

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