USA: Santa Claus joins anti-Trump protesters in NYC

Scores of protesters were joined by Father Christmas outside the Trump Hotel in New York City, Thursday, to protest against the US President Donald Trump and call for his impeachment. In particular, Trump's scrapping of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals act, the Republican tax cuts as well as the latest net neutrality bill and the attempts to cut the Affordable Care Act, also known as... Еще Obamacare. «They're taking from the people that need and giving to the rich people and the corporations, that tax bill. Trump violates all types of clauses for corruption in terms of allowing foreign governments to rent hotel spaces,» said protester Isiah Barnes, who was dressed as Santa Claus for the protest, adding that «he does many many things that are impeachable, so we are calling for him to be impeached.»


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