USA: Sanders vows to defeat Trump as reported app error delays Iowa caucus results

US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said ahead of the crucial Iowa Caucus results that «today marks the beginning of the end of Donald Trump» in Des Moines, Iowa on Monday. «The people of America understand we cannot continue to have a president who is a pathological liar, who is corrupt, who does not understand our constitution, and is trying to divide our people up based on the colour of... Еще their skin, based on their religion, their sexual orientation or where they were born. And all of that hatred, all of that divisiveness is going to end when together we are in the White House,» he promised. Sanders continued to pledge the end of the crippling student debt, known to be some of the highest in the world for US students, the introduction of a Medicare «for all» and a new Wall Street tax. His speech came as results were expected to come in for the highly-anticipated Iowa caucuses, the first contest in the Democratic primaries that’s often used as a bellwether to test the strength and resonance of a candidate's bid for the nomination. According to reports, the Iowa Democratic Party reported «inconsistencies» between different sets of results, leading to doubts about their validity. Various reports have surfaced about technical issues with a mobile app that precinct chairs used to report results with. Due to this, the announcement of the results of the caucuses are now expected to be delayed until at least Tuesday.

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