USA: Sanders slams Trump’s alleged 'natural ability' to understand coronavirus

US Senator and democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called for a «100 percent non-political task force» to avoid a major coronavirus outbreak in the US as he called US President Donald Trump's claim to have a «natural ability» to understand the crisis as «reckless» at a roundtable about the virus in Detroit on Monday. «Trump, I think, is quoted as saying that he has a natural, quote... Еще on quote, 'a natural ability' to understand the coronavirus and that that virus will end by April. Donald Trump does not have a natural ability to understand the coronavirus and his reckless statements are confusing people in this country and all over the world,» said Sanders. «What I think frightens the American people is that today we have a president of the United States who does not even recognise the reality of climate change. let alone understanding that we have got to work with the entire global community to address this crisis.» The Senator called for the US administration to «make sure that every person living in this country, right now, including the undocumented» are able to go to a doctor or hospital without having to worry about costs «in order to determine their health status.» On Monday Trump announced he would be speaking with lawmakers including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to discuss measures to combat the economic impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Confirmed coronavirus cases topped 700 in 36 US states, killing at least 26, amid a global outbreak exceeding 114,500 cases and over 4,000 deaths as of Tuesday.


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