USA: Sanders slams 'pathological liar' Trump at campaign rally in NC

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called US President Donald Trump a «pathological liar» during a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina on Friday. «We must and we will defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of America. And no matter what your political views may be, I think we all recognize that it is unacceptable to have in the White House somebody who is... Еще a pathological liar,» Sanders said. He continued, «And here you have a president who calls the media enemies of the people. A president who doesn't respond to subpoenas from Congress, a president who is now telling the judiciary what they should do when we have news for Mr. Trump. We believe in democracy, not authoritarianism. Nobody nobody in this country, not the president or anybody else, is above the law. Donald Trump you ain't going to get reelected.» Sander also said that the US has «a corrupt political system which enables billionaires to buy elections.» He added, «to me what democracy is about is one person, one vote, not billionaires, purchasing candidates.» On Tuesday, Sanders narrowly won the New Hampshire primary. With 95 percent of the vote counted, Sanders led former mayor Pete Buttigieg by nearly 4,300 votes. The next primaries are set to take place in Nevada on February 22. The Democratic Presidential nominee will be announced at the Democratic National Convention in July.


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