USA: Sanders discusses toxic pollutants after introducing PFAS bill

Presidential candidate Bernie Sander held a roundtable discussion alongside actor Mark Ruffalo and scientist Anna Reade after introducing the Prevent Future American Sickness (PFAS) Act on Wednesday in Washington DC, which aims to target water polluters and get clean drinking water across the country. «A number of years ago I was in Flint, Michigan, and in one of the most heart-breaking meetings... Еще I have ever gone to in my life, talking to parents whose kids were poisoned, I think at that point people people said, well Flint, Michigan, how terrible is that? Good thing it's not happening in my community,» Sanders said. «Well, we've learned a few things over the last couple of years that it is happening, in your community, in your community, in communities all across this country.» He added, «So this is an issue of enormous consequence, it's an issue we have to deal with our, and I'm proud to say to you, with Senator [Ed] Markey and Senator [Jeff] Merkley, we've just introduced legislation that I think will go a long way to address this issue.» The Prevent Future American Sickness (PFAS) Act aims to clean drinking water across the United States from toxic «forever chemicals», also known as PFAS, after samples of them have been found in tap water of 43 American cities, affecting an estimated of 1,400 communities.
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