USA: San Francisco rallies for «Dreamers» as Trump announces DACA repeal

Hundreds of people took to the streets in downtown San Francisco, Tuesday evening, to protest against US President Donald Trump's announcement to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme, earlier on Tuesday. Protesters marched towards the city's Federal Building, resulting in the main streets being shut down to traffic. Among the demonstrators rallying in favour of... Еще immigration were DACA recipients, also known as 'DREAMers.' A teary-eyed protester commented, «America is founded with immigrants, it's founded with people with different ideals and come from different cultures, and we need that in order to become America, to progress in life. And I just can't see that when we ban immigrants.» “I'm just so tired of this racism,” said another protester, wearing a T-shirt with the word “immigrant” emblazoned on it. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' officially announced Trump's decision to rescind the DACA programme earlier in the day, leaving Congress to come up with alternative legislation to regulate the people under DACA's protection within the next six months. The administration of former US President Barack Obama established the DACA programme in 2012 to enable migrants, who were brought illegally to the country as children, to apply for a temporary right to study or work in the USA. A successful application would mean that they are able to defer the threat of possible deportation for another two years.
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