USA: San Fran locals react to Uber and Airbnb laying off thousands of workers amid coronavirus

San Francisco-based multi-billion-dollar tech companies Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft, announced thousands of layoffs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Airbnb and Uber headquarters can be seen in footage from Thursday, with locals reacting to the news. San Francisco resident Albert said, «You can't afford to pay people when people aren't spending money it sets a trickle-down effect, you have money, you... Еще spend it, it boosts the economy. If there is no money coming down to people's pockets they can't spend it, so how do you expect to pay your employees.» Another local, Allen added that Uber should continue operating, as it might be deemed as an essential service, while Airbnb «is more vacation.» Following Airbnb's announcement on Tuesday to reduce 25 percent of its workforce, meaning 1900 layoffs, Uber did the same on Wednesday, laying off 14 percent or 3,700 employees.

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