USA: San Diegans divided over Trump's border deployment

Residents of San Diego appeared divided over US President Donald Trump's decision to send troops to the city's Naval Base in a bid to prevent Central American migrants from entering the United States. For Alfonso, «sending the troops is a little exaggerated» and allowing the troops to shoot 'stone-throwing' migrants is «too extreme.» «It's not fair to lose your life looking for a better life... Еще over here,» he added. Marbella concurred, believing migrants had good reasons to flee their countries. She called the decision to send troops «ridiculous». With a cousin in the Navy, Erica understood the armed forces duty «to protect the border» but criticised the defence budget spending being allocated to homeland security. She insisted that migrants should follow a process before being given asylum in the US. Those views were echoed by Anne who said «it takes a lot of money» to care for those who «have come into the country without going through the proper process.» «My heart goes out to those people that are trying to come into America, into the United States,» she continued. «However we do have laws and there is an immigration system that they need to go through.» Active navy troops are expected to arrive to San Diego Naval Base over this weekend in a 'mission' of border-fortification ordered by the US President to prevent the entry of thousands of migrants fleeing Central America.

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