USA: Sacramento residents react to city's «Advance Peace» program to prevent gun-violence

Sacramento residents shared their opinions on the city's decision to approve the «Advance Peace» program, a measure offering gang members a stipend to remain peaceful outside the state capitol on Saturday. «We shouldn’t be paying people not to kill people, it just seems silly to me» said Joe. «I was taught to behave myself, to be a good citizen, to honour and respect people and not shooting... Еще people and here the city council wants to pay someone to behave themselves; [it] doesn’t make sense to me.» Jessica said that gang member would «take the money and still commit crimes» and that she found the act unwise. «I think the money could be spent more wisely; there are other ways of taking care of the problem than just throwing money at it» she concluded. The aim of the Advance Peace programme is to reduce gun violence in urban neighbourhoods, saving both lives and money. Young adults who have been identified as potential shooters and also victims are selected to become 'peacemaker fellows' and will receive support in the way of life coaching, internships and mentoring. Each participant is also given the opportunity to earn up to $1,000 per month for half of the 18-month long fellowship, with each person's stipend depending on the completion of personal goals and targets.

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