USA: 'Russian? Enough said' — Nauert refuses to ‘tolerate’ Russian media

SOT, Heather Nauert, US State Department Spokesperson: «Well look, it's certainly concerning to see your government, to see your country, put together that kind of video that shows the Russian Government attacking the United States. That's certainly a concern of ours. I don't think that that's very constructive, nor is it responsible. I'll leave it at that. Okay?» Journalist: It was not... Еще attacking the United States. It was not attacking the United States. It was two missiles sent to different directions. So why do you say that they are... Nauert: Are you — oh, you're... Journalist: Sorry. I'm from Russia. Channel One in Russia. Nauert: You're from Russian TV, too. Journalist: Yes, yes. Nauert: Okay. So hey, enough said then. I'll move on. Journalist: Wait, I'm sorry. What does that mean? Nauert: What does what mean? Journalist: I mean, it's — they're not — they're not officials of the Russian Government. They're just asking a question about Russia. Nauert: Oh. Oh, really? Okay. Well, we know that RT and other Russian news — so-called news organisations... Journalist: They're a ... Nauert: ...are funded and directed by the Russian Government. So if I don't have a whole lot of tolerance. SOT, Heather Nauert, US State Department Spokesperson: «Matt, I think it's certainly looks like that. I'd ask you to go back and take a look at that.» Journalist: Okay. Heather Nauert, US State Department Spokesperson: It's pretty clear what their target is, okay? The Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert became engaged in a back-and-forth regarding the nature of the Russian media after a journalist from Russia attempted to ask a question in Washington DC on Thursday. Nauert claimed she did not have much 'tolerance' for the Russian media and said that all Russian media was backed by the state, shutting down the journalist before she could ask a question. The spokesperson went on to discuss the graphics shown at Russian President Vladimir Putin's annual address which demonstrated Moscow's new nuclear capabilities, saying she believed the US to be the potential target of the warheads, although the video did not specify a location. Nauert also dismissed Russia's calls for a 'humanitarian corridor' to allow for civilian evacuations from Syria's eastern Ghouta as 'a joke', adding that any civilians attempting to flee the region may be subjected to forced conscription, imprisonment or death. «What needs to happen instead is a nationwide ceasefire that was voted upon unanimously at the United Nations last Saturday. Fifteen countries supported it. Let me remind you, so did Russia,» she added.

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