USA: Russian diplomats visit Maria Butina in DC remand center

Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. Nikolai Lahonin stated that Russian diplomats have made a consular visit to Maria Butina in a remand centre, where she is being held in custody following her arrest, Thursday. According to Lahonin, «despite the stress and psychological pressure that the Russian citizen had to endure during the arrest, she feels okay. There are no... Еще complaints on her health. Like any normal person, she finds it difficult to adapt to the prison conditions, but at the same time she feels confident that she is not guilty, and she is firmly determined to prove that in court.» Lahonin said that Butina was «very glad» to receive moral support from the Russian diplomats, adding that she had «also asked them to tell her parents not to worry.» He went on to say that the Russian diplomats «will continue to provide consular support to Maria Butina,» noting that Moscow has sent an «official request to US authorities with a plea to explain the arrest of our citizen.» Butina was detained on July 15 over charges of conspiring against the US government and failing to register as a foreign agent.

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