USA: Russian ambassador Antonov calls for 'common ground' with US

Russian ambassador to the US Anatoli Antonov gave his thoughts on the current state of relations between both countries, speaking at an event in Seattle on Monday, saying that they «can and must find a common ground.» «In order to rebuild trust, a dialogue is essential in other areas between our parliaments, political scientists, scholars, businessmen, civil society institutions. Developing such... Еще contacts could not only contribute to the deescalation of tensions, but also play a positive role in the search for practical solutions that would lead our relations out of a deadlock,» said Antonov. «I will ask you: what about the United States? What kind of steps are you ready -- small, very small, one will be enough to improve Russian-American relations. Maybe it's high time for us to stop blaming Russia for everything. Sometimes in Washington -- you'll say that I'm kidding, of course now -- but, we are responsible even for bad weather,» stated Antonov. «Recently we got information that 3.000.000 attacks were made from the United States territory. And we are ready to discuss this issue, whether we have fake news or it's a reality, you said it. So that's why it's impossible to speak to each other through mass media. It's very important for our experts to sit together and to decide what should we do. By the way, to restore confidence between our two countries,» said the diplomat.

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