USA: Russia trying to 'weaken and divide US' says Intel chief

US Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats said in Washington DC on Thursday that Russia continues to try to “weaken and divide the United States” with a “pervasive messaging campaign”. Coats said, «In regards to Russian involvement in the midterm elections, we continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to continue to weaken and divide the United States.” Coats continued... Еще that US President Donald Trump had directed the intelligence community to make securing US elections a «top priority» and added that «Russia is not the only country that tries to influence our domestic political environment. We know there are others who have the capability and may be considering influence activities.» FBI Director Christopher Wray echoed his remarks, stating: «As I have said consistently, Russia has attempted to interfere with the last election, and continued to engage in malign influence operations to this day.»

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