USA: ‘Russia? My only connection is vodka,’ says Farage

I have never been to Russia, i have never been to Moscow, i have never met russian operative ir agent . I have never done business in Russia i have never taken money from Russia. I may be guilty of drinking the odd Russian vodka.” The former UKIP leader Nigel Farage ridiculed the Trump -Russia connection during his speech at the CPAC conference in Maryland on Friday. He claimed to be a person... Еще of interest to the FBI and joked he was “running memory sticks back and forth” between the White House, Kremlin and Julian Assange. Farage said his only link he has to Russia though he never been there is “drinking the odd Russian vodka”. He told the audience that supporting Trump back in 2016 was “the best decision he has ever made in his life,” praising Trump for being a great president and “exceeding expectations”. According to Farage this is the fourth time he has addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference.

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