USA: Rival groups face off in DC as Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation vote nears

A the vote to confirm Amy Coney Barrett is nearing, supporters and protesters staged simultaneous rallies in front of the US Supreme Court in Washington D.C. on Monday. Rival groups of protesters holding banners and signs could be seen engaging in heated exchanges trying to undermine each other's stance on the Supreme Court nominee. «The Christian fascist movement that Amy Coney Barrett is part of, has never reconciled itself to civil rights or women rights. But even more immediately, this confirmation means that as soon as Tuesday, tomorrow, Amy Coney Barrett can be part of deciding which votes get counted and which votes get thrown away in an election that is a week away,» said an activist. «She is kind, she has seven children, she adopted two from Haiti. She is going to be on the Supreme Court and she deserves so,» said a supporter of Barrett. The Senate, held by a majority of Republicans, is expected to confirm President Trump's Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett this Monday.

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