USA: Ridiculed EDL founder Robinson speaks at Columbia University only to be boycotted

Protesters gathered at Columbia University in New York City as English Defence League co-founder Tommy Robinson spoke via video link in an attempt to boycott his speech, Tuesday. Robinson was met by jeers and chanting as protesters filled the hall where he was being shown on screen following a protest outside on the streets of Harlem earlier in the day, however, a handful of people came to... Еще listen to the former EDL leader. Responding to claims that he and others associated with far-right movements were 'Nazis', Robinson pointed to terror watch lists containing Muslims. «There's about 50 Nazis in the whole of Britain, there's 23,000 Muslims on a terror watch list in Britain. To compare the two, or even to try to give them an equal platform is ridiculous. It's ridiculous,» he said. Robinson also mentioned US President Donald Trump's criticism from protesters. «You speak critically of Donald Trump. Donald Trump was one of the first and only politicians who took a massive stance against what we've done in the Middle East, against the invasions in the Middle East. That was Donald Trump,» Robinson said. Robinson, born Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, has been accused of inciting racial hatred and Islamophobia in the past. He is known for turning up to the scene of alleged terror incidents moments after the news breaks.
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