USA: Residents assess damage after back to back earthquakes

Residents were left reeling from Friday’s magnitude 7.1 earthquake in Ridgecrest on Saturday, where they assessed the damage to their homes and local infrastructure. No deaths were reported in the California city, located two hours northeast of Los Angeles, but the area was riddled with signs of the quake. Many residents have decided to sleep in their cars following the second major earthquake... Еще to have hit the region in two days. The damage consisted mostly of cracks in the roads and damage to homes, though a mobile home park was particularly affected. «I'm not leaving. This is my park, these are my tenants that are still here, so we're going to make sure everybody’s okay if something else happens,» said Sarah, the manager of the park. Friday’s earthquake came on the heels of another major earthquake, measured at magnitude 6.4, which hit the same area on Thursday and was felt as far away as Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

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