USA: 'Reopen Maryland' protesters rally near Capitol in Annapolis

A group of anti-lockdown protesters gathered near the Annapolis Capitol building on Friday to decry Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan's decision to ease the lockdown restrictions only partially, which they deemed to be not enough. Members of the protest, organised by the 'Reopen Maryland' group, were seen holding US flags as well as banners calling the governor's decision «tyranny» and demanding... Еще «healthy people» to be allowed to get back to work. «Governor Hogan unconstitutionally created chaos and madness. Now, once he's destroyed our economy, he's made people actually call on other people and divided us and tanked business by his unrealistic decision of deciding what human being is essential and what non-essential,» stated Reopen Maryland Chairman, Tim Fazenbaker. Hogan announced the replacement of the current stay-at-home order with a less strict 'safer-at-home' one, allowing local jurisdictions to decide which activities they deem low-risk to resume, as long as locals comply with certain safety guidelines. The US has been the worst-hit nation by the coronavirus outbreak thus far. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University over 1,441,000 confirmed cases have been recorded in the country, with over 87,000 virus-related deaths.

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