USA: Reclaim Pride offers 'angrier alternative' to Gay Pride Parade in NYC

Two Gay Pride Parades strolled through the streets of New York City on Sunday, with one, 'Reclaim Pride,' being touted as the 'angrier alternative' to the now more mainstream event. Attendees to both events can be seen participating in the events, dressing festively and marching through the streets carrying banners and placards. One attendee of the larger event said expressed her «thanks to all... Еще the people fifty years ago who helped make this happen for us. It shows me that I can be who I want.» At Reclaim Pride, an attendee explained the reasons behind the second event, saying «it's called 'Reclaim Pride' because, I mean, it wants to evoke the angry, openly political non-commercialised spirit of the earliest marches after Stonewall.» «this march is including a lot of voices, a lot of people who feel even more marginalized than the most mainstream LGBTq+ people...and it's important that we not forget these voices,» he concluded.

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