USA: Rabbis build sukkah hut outside Trump Tower in protest against immigration policies

Dozens of rabbis held a rally outside Trump Tower in protest against the US president's travel ban on certain foreign nationals and his anti-immigration policies, Monday, during the Jewish festival of Sukkot. In the holiday-themed protest, the rabbies built a pop-up sukkah — a tent decorated with bamboo wood — outside the luxurious building as a reminder of those less fortunate. «We're... Еще protesting in front of the Trump Tower because we're against the policies of this administration regarding immigrants for one,» said rabbi Mira Rivera adding that the policies of President Trump's government «discriminate against immigrants and the young people.» Two counter protesters attended the Sukkot rally, standing on the sidelines with signs reading, «Orthodox Jews Voted for Trump. We will again in 2020.»

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